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Händel revisited

Saxophone(s) and organ have already been combined several times in new music. The sound of the instruments mix splendidly and also in terms of dynamics organ and saxophone quintet match perfectly, as well in the louder passages as in the more silent parts. The monumental character of Handel’s orchestral score is emphasized in WATER & FIRE / Handel Revisted with this unique instrumentation. Handel’s iconic orchestral suites flank Le Cahos, the opening movement of Jean-Féry Rebel’s Les Elémens, a musical punch-in-the-face long ahead of its time.

Eric Sleichim and Reitze Smits: artistic direction, arrangements

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: soprano saxophone
Pieter Pellens: alto saxophone
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone
Raf Minten: baritone saxophone
Eric Sleichim: alto saxophone

Reitze Smits: organ