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Toneelgroep Amsterdam, 2009

With Teorema (1968) the controversial left-winged intellectual, author and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini created one of the most distressing and estranging films of post-war Italian cinema. The film, and the novel based on it, contain a few of his favorite themes: the suffocating bourgeois moral, the obscene character and liberating possibility of sexual desire.
The family of a rich industrialist receives the visit of an attractive young man. Further unknown to them, the man moves in with them and starts a sexual relationship with each member of the family as well as with their servant Amelia. Soon he makes himself indispensable. Then he announces his departure and leaves everyone behind in a state of misery and distress. The family falls apart and Amelia returns to her home village. All certainties seem to be destroyed by the deep feelings, the stranger has triggered in each of them.

Ivo van Hove: direction
by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Willem Bruls: dramaturgy
Eric Sleichim: composer

Jacob Derwig, Chico Kenzari, Hadewych Minis, Chris Nietvelt, Frieda Pittoors, Eelco Smits: actors

BL!NDMAN [strings]
Floris Uytterhoeven
Jennifer De Keersmaeker
Ine Kuypers
Joyce Kuipers

An d’Huys: costume design
Jan Versweyveld: scenography

Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Ruhrtriennale: production


E. Sleichim: Mass 4 turntables
L. Von Beethoven: op. 18 nr. 1 (fragment)
L. Von Beethoven: op.59 nr. 7 (fragment)
L. Von Beethoven: op. 132 (fragment)
A. Webern: Fünf Sätze für Streichquartet
E. Sleichim: Messe für der Wüste