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Image and body are keywords in the choreographic research of American choreographer Bud Blumenthal, who settled in Belgium in 1992 and created a dozen dance performances. STANDING WAVE is an extreme interplay between image, movement and ultrasound. Like the instruments of the string quartet – live on stage – each of the four dancers has its own frequency, its own amplitude. Within this abstract universe, primary human behaviours emerge: desire, conquest, violence, reconciliation, seduction. The chilly cosmos becomes intimate: the infinite becomes ephemeral; the abstract becomes simply human. The audience is carried along on these waves of sound and movement.

Bud Blumenthal: choreography
Walter Hus: music composition
David Depriester: 3D images

Milton Paulo: dance
Raffaella Pollastrini: dance
Mikiko Sagawa: dance
Bud Blumenthal: dance

BL!NDMAN [4×4] strings
Pieter Jansen: violin
Liesbeth Baelus: violin
Kris Hellemans: viola
Romek Maniewski: cello

STANDING WAVE is a production of Cie Bud Blumenthal, in co-production with Théâtre de l’Agora, Scène nationale d’Evry et de l’Essonne. With the support of le Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique, SACD, National Lottery and Pianofabriek.