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Sub Rosa, 1993

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2 CDs 32 €

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Belgium: 4 €
European Community: 8 €
Rest of the world: 15 €

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The music of BL!NDMAN seeks to extract more from the saxophone than the sounds for which the instrument was designed. Reed, brass, leather, and breath: the amalgam emanates something from every pore and curve. The conical body vibrates with intrinsic tension and liberates the sounds from an internal world. I work with raw materials, I forge, knead, shape, and deform.

Three men and a woman – four movements, four voices, four pairs of hands. The quartet breathes its own life into each instrument: using different techniques, utilizing the entire surface of the saxophone, rhythmic and thematic structures are developed into a unique sonorous world. For this, BL!NDMAN is the ultimate instrument for music created for the saxophone.
Eric Sleichim


Martin Fredebeul: soprano saxophone
Eric Sleichim: alto saxophone
Luc Mishalle: tenor saxophone
Véronique Delmelle: bartitone saxophone

Lié/Délie by Fabio Lani, stereo-recording in the Notre-Dame-Chappel, Boom
Plateaux by Lagon Van de Lagermaat Mixing: Alan Ward, multi-recording at Toneelschuur, Haarlem
Poortenbos by Jos & Joris De Backer

Sonare & Anne Fontigny: editing
Daniel Leon: mastering

original front cover painting: ‘Siegfried Vergisst Brünhilde’ by Anselm Kiefer

Gestetner/Nashua provided the Blindman Kwartet with four multi-cellular microphones specially designed by sound engineer Michel Dickenscheidt.

original art direction & design: Inspiral
originally an Addison De Wit – Sub Rosa coproduction


I Lié / Delié
1. Mvt. I : Tied
2. Mvt II : Untied
3. Mvt III : Pieces

II Plateaux
4. 3th Movement for Beuys

III Poortenbos
5. Poort 1: Circular Chants
6. Poort 2: Tongues
7. Poort 3: Slender
8. Mvt.I: Awakening
9. Poort 4: Muted Chants
10. Poort 5: Canon
11. Poort 6: Rondo
12. Mvt.II: Precipitate
13. Poort 7: Hymn
14. Poort 8: Vista
15. Poort 9: Chorus
16. Mvt.III: Fanfare