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Goldberg Variation 22

J. S. Bach

32 piano pieces form one of the most famous cycles in the history of music: Bach’s famous Goldberg Variations, according to legend a work commissioned by Count Keyserlingk to entertain him during sleepless nights. In times of the coronavirus many of us are out of the concept of night and day as well, sleep too much or too little – reason enough to give a little musical orientation. Invited by the Thuringia Bach Festival, renowned artists will play one of the variations for you every night: a kaleidoscope of performers and interpretations, as a sign of solidarity in the the international Bach world and with our festival.

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction

Koen Maas: soprano saxophone
Pieter Pellens: alto saxophone
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone
Sebastiaan Cooman: baritone saxophone