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Contact Theater + Strange Attractors

Intensive cooperation between Eric Sleichim and Matthew Wright (UK), composer and DJ, leads to a concert whose unique instrumentation of 8 turntables puts the BL!NDMAN musicians in a new light. With their record decks they create an alienating world that takes this instrument, found mainly on the club scene, into the realm of contemporary classical music. The video artist Olga Mink (NL) is building the totem.

One might describe Totem as an installation in which 8 musicians and 2 composers are taking part and a video artist is creating a thrilling environment. 8 classical trained musicians make use of a rather unusual instrument: the turntable – to create an alienating world that finds itself somewhere between the club scene and contemporary art music. With a live video installation by Olga Mink and an intervention of the two brains behind the program: Eric Sleichim and Matthew Wright. The audience is invited to enter the space and undergo the fascinating sounds and sights of an urban, 21st century experience.

Matthew Wright & Eric Sleichim:: artistic direction, composition and concept
Olga Mink: video

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Ruben Cooman
Tom De Cock
Yves Goemaere
Hannes Nieuwlaet

BL!NDMAN [strings]
Floris Uytterhoeven
Marieke Berendsen
Ine Kuypers
Joyce Kuipers

TOTEM is a BL!NDMAN production, in co-production with deSingel – Antwerp and Kaaitheater Brussels, with the support of Canterbury Christ Church University


Matt Wright: Contact Theater
Eric Sleichim: Strange Atractors