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[sax] + Eric Sleichim

With M!N!MAL-MAX!MAL BL!NDMAN turns back to its roots. Maximalist!, the group of Eric Sleichim, Thierry De Mey, Peter Vermeersch and Walter Hus, was the stepping stone, not only for BL!NDMAN, but also for as diverse bands as X-legged Sally and Ictus. Minimal music of composers as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Louis Andriessen, of grand importance for Maximalist!, were a reference point also for BL!NDMAN, certainly in the early days.

This trip down memory lane is not a matter of nostalgia: the music still sounds very up-to-date! Eric Sleichim en BL!NDMAN play this music as it should be: with full intensity and complete devotion.

Eric Sleichim: artistic direction, arrangements, tubax, percussion

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: soprano saxophone, percussion
Pieter Pellens: alto, soprano and baritone saxophone, percussion
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone
Raf Minten: baritone saxophone, percussion

BL!NDMAN [drums]
Hannes Nieuwlaet: percussion
Yves Goemaere: piano, percussion

Fabian Coomans: piano, DX-7


Louis Andriessen: Workers Union
Thierry De Mey & Peter Vermeersch: Contre Six
Eric Sleichim: Lié / Délié
Thierry De Mey: Musique de Tables
Thierry De Mey & P. Vermeersch: Habanera
Thierry De Mey: Balatum
Philip Glass: In Similar Motion


10 Feb
Maison de la Musique
Nanterre (FR)
22 Dec
Bonlieu Scène nationale
Annecy (FR)
29 Nov
La Raffinerie (org. Ars Musica Festival)
Brussel - Bruxelles (BE)
16 Nov
Leiden (NL)
14 Oct
STUK (org. Novecento)
Leuven (BE)
13 Oct
STUK (org. Novecento)
Leuven (BE)