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Cage, Cager, Cagest

[sax] + Eric Sleichim

Saxophones, a clarinet, various flutes, voice, an electric guitar, turntables, sinus-tones, jazz-records, laptops, snare drums, cymbals, junk-percussion, a synthesizer, a prepared piano and speakers that purr and peep: all these sounds generate the universe of John Cage. Fully notated scores as well as graphic notations, strict timings and free tempi are being performed. Between silence and loud sound-mass, one enters the startling world of Cage.

Eric Sleichim: concept

BL!NDMAN [sax]
Koen Maas: soprano saxophone, recorder, turntable
Roeland Vanhoorne: alto saxophone, clarinet, turntable
Piet Rebel: tenor saxophone, turntable
Raf Minten: baritone saxophone, turntable
Eric Sleichim: e-guitar, electronics, turntable

CAGE, CAGER, CAGEST is a BL!NDMAN-production.


John Cage / Max Neuhaus: Fontana mix – Feed

John Cage:
Fontana mix
Imaginary landscape N°1
Imaginary landscape N°5

John Cage Cage / Eric Sleichim: She’s asleep

John Cage:
Living room music


27 Nov
Schunck* (première)
Heerlen (NL)