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an interdisciplinary creation project between young visual artists and composers

MOLECULE is a two years collaboration project between young composers and visual artists from HISK (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten) Ghent, together with the musicians of BL!NDMAN.

For the edition of 2021-2022, we are looking for young composers who want to participate in this interdisciplinary project. During a period of two years, each composer will be working with one visual artist from HISK to create an artwork together. The music will be performed by one of the BL!NDMAN musicians.

By starting together from a blank page, two artists from different disciplines get an insider view in each other’s logic of creation and join forces to come to a new piece of art. One discipline can’t be subject to the other, which requires a continuous dialogue. By working together towards a public presentation the artists get confronted with possibilities, challenges and limitations they would not meet in the daily reality of their own artistic practice.
The objective is to create new artworks in which all disciplines are treated equally.

Molecule lecture Eric Sleichim


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