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anouk de clercq

anouk de clercq © ivan put

anouk de clercq

whoosh © anouk de clercq

anouk de clercq

petit palais 2002 © anouk de clercq, joris cool

anouk de clercq

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2008: 20×20 set design for the anniversary celebration of 20 years BL!NDMAN


Anouk De Clercq (°1971) explores possibilities for creating a virtual world with the computer. The artist has practiced various disciplines and explored a wide variety of media, such as architecture, choreography and fashion design. In her films she uses a digital pictorial language that is based on the computer and the screen: pixels, cursor, text. De Clercq creates mental images: virtual, grey landscapes that constantly transform. These are not cold 3D-spaces, but sensuous interior landscapes that belong to a world of imagination. They hesitate between a panoramic view and the intimacy of a videoscreen. De Clercq’s work is a sort of escape from reality, though it also contains traces of that same reality. By creating a virtual world, the artist tries to acquire more insight into our daily environment.

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