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We are currently working on a new website. This website is still active, but adjustments are unfortunately not always possible. We apologise for this inconvenience! For the latest updates and agenda, please check our newsletters, Instagram of Facebook.

ICONS – The American Minimalists

The BL!NDMAN collective dives into the work of three significant American Minimalist composers – Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley – in their new album.



ICONS – The American Minimalists – Reich Glass Riley

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BL!NDMAN       contact info

Gallaitstraat 76-78
1030 Schaarbeek, Belgium

general and artistic direction:
management:   M +32 473 29 98 91
production and communication:   M +32 473 71 50 70
technical production:

BL!NDMAN is supported by the Arts Administration of the Ministry of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region. BL!NDMAN [sax] play Selmer Paris Saxophones.